Annie Boyd | Why
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Let’s get down to the nitty gritty and start with The Why. Why should consumers want or care about what you are promoting – be that an idea, a product, a service or a belief? Why should they believe in your brand?


‘The Why’ needs to be clear as your target audience – be they B2B or B2C – are human beings. Real people, with real emotions, opinions, beliefs, knowledge, experience and voices. Voices they are more than willing to use, voices with influence on and offline.


Be proactive not reactive. Integrate social media marketing into your business growth strategy. Use it to challenge perception, educate, provoke, inspire, entertain, motivate. Tug on heart strings, get under their skin. Grab attention, shake things up, gain respect.


Alternatively continue to gauge success purely on follower numbers, mimic what your competitors do and blend into the background with the same old, same olds.  I offer a range of services for clients who have lost their way in the crowded online space, and also for those at the beginning of their social media marketing journey who need expert advice – without the jargin.


Understanding what makes people tick on and offline and putting together the pieces of the puzzle is my strength. Emotional intelligence, creativity, noticing the little things, hearing what isn’t being said and explaining it with clarity – that is The Why for my  consultancy. Marry that with years of experience, a positive attitude and an approach that fits your needs, and it’s proven to be a winning combination.


Still reading? Good, hopefully I’ve sparked an idea, fueled your imagination, helped you identify what’s missing or given you a nudge to take action.  Get in touch if you’d like to explore opportunities to work together.


Want to know more before saying hello? Read this or browse my LinkedIn and Instagram profiles.