Annie Boyd | LinkedIn Video Selfies – A bit cringe?
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LinkedIn Video Selfies – A bit cringe?

LinkedIn Video Selfies – A bit cringe?

Vlogging for LinkedIn may be an inexpensive option for marketing your business but is it the right choice for you?

It’s tempting isn’t it, we all love a shiny new feature and with just a few buttons to press it looks straight forward. Perhaps your competitors are trying it out and you’re nervous of being left behind. Jamie Oliver, Gary Vaynerchuck, Fearne Cotton, they’re all doing it and the experts do say that video is an essential part of marketing these days… Uch, what the heck let’s give it a go!

–Press Pause–

Here are a few questions for those tempted to share pearls of wisdom via ‘Reporting Live From My Office’ videos on LinkedIn, a network considered by many as a corporate environment;

1)   Who are you trying to engage?

2)   What’s the message you want to deliver?

3)   Are you a confident public speaker?

4)   Is what you have to say or the way you present it any different to the 5 other videos playing in the news feed?

5)   Are the beige walls of your office in keeping with the rest of your marketing, communications style or brand?

6)   Could you be giving the wrong impression to a viewer?

7)   Are you sitting too close to the camera? No seriously. Are you?

8)   Is FOMO (fear of missing out) the real reason you’ve hit the record button?

Only a few of the ‘Here I Am In My Office Talking To The Camera’ videos I’ve seen have been worth watching beyond a few seconds. The good ones are delivered by an individual with great presentation skills who is at ease in front of the camera and who has a valuable insight, event, idea, or product to present.

The rest, well I’m showing my age but they remind me of that Hamlet cigar advert, you know the one with the comb-over guy in the photo booth? Awkward, self-conscious, over confident or eeek a little bit cringe… teenagers pouting for selfies. Surprisingly I find these videos a little intrusive too, there were six in my feed this morning and it wasn’t even 8am. I need a second coffee to cope with that many.

On Instagram, twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and Periscope I love watching videos and encourage my clients to get creative and try out various different apps and features. The Blue Peter approach to film-making can work wonders for certain types of campaigns and for those who are ‘naturals’ on camera, or who have really valuable insight or exclusive access to places I’ll never get to see. (The Dior dressing room on Instagram Stories is a prime example. Young Scot and the Beatson Charity are also great examples of engaging ‘live’ video.)

So yes, video IS an excellent way to deliver a message if it ticks the boxes of adding value by being entertaining, informative, honest and insightful. When it’s thrown together for LinkedIn, that’s another story altogether.

If you’re still convinced that recording yourself in your office for LinkedIn is a winner then from the safety of miles away from a camera I offer these tips;

·        Polish up on your presentation skills

·        Plan your content

·        Get to the point – our attention span is short so no warbling on and on….

·        Do a trial and ask a straight talking confidant for their opinion prior to sharing it with the world.

Alternatively stretch the budget a little and invest in a videographer to create a professional piece of content that makes the viewer sit up and take notice for all the right reasons.

Comments always welcome.


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