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Baking Up A Twitter Storm

Baking Up A Twitter Storm

This tweet from Laura’s Little Bakery caught my eye today as it’s doing the rounds and two days after it was posted has attracted over 3.5k retweets, 8.4k likes and 336 comments. So what’s the fuss about? Read the tweet below to find out.

Is it a surprise that a company that clearly has large budgets to employ celebrities and produce television shows can’t find money to pay for a cake? I don’t know, my knowledge of TV production is non-existent but I agree with Laura that they’ve a bloomin’ cheek as what they offer in return for the cake is of little value in promoting her small business. There’s no mention of a credit and realistically who’s going to be looking at the cake when Simon’s hairy chest and scantily clad fellow judges pose beside it?

Note that Laura has removed the name of the person who contacted her on behalf of the X Factor. My interpretation is that she’s not trying to humiliate whoever sent the message, just make a point about freeloaders. There’s a lesson here for those who don’t understand, or who don’t respect, the value of time and effort. We all have bills to pay and I agree with Laura that in this case, they shouldn’t have their cake and eat it.

Partnership marketing can work wonders when carefully considered. A clear outline of expectations and clear do’s and don’ts are required to ensure a return on investment . Examples being a guarantee not to work with other companies who offer the same product/services and guidelines around use of branding, keywords and content.

Starting up, running and growing a business is a hard slog. The highs are high and the lows are crushing so when offered free PR, or an advert in the media for an amazing one off knock down price, don’t get caught up in the moment. Stop and think it through. Ask questions – lots of questions. When I was a marketing manager I regularly quizzed sales people who cold called offering discounted rates on banner ads or advertorial in weekend publications. The sales person would rattle off figures of huge readership or site visitors which meant nothing if they couldn’t provide details of specific audience demographics in our target locations.  When a deal is too good to be true….it probably is!

Finally, let’s consider reputation management.

A) Are you ready to quickly capitalise on opportunities that come your way when randomly 3.5k retweets generally support your opinion and thrust your business into the spotlight?

B) Does your business have a plan of action that can be quickly implemented should one person or a huge volume of people share a negative tweet naming and shaming you?

The X Factor will take this one on the chin, no biggie, but its a different story for SME’s. Here’s some food for thought.


Thanks to Laura’s Little Bakery for the inspiration for this article and respect to her for championing SME’s everywhere.

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