Annie Boyd | Samsung – Imagine A World Without Barriers
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Samsung – Imagine A World Without Barriers

Samsung – Imagine A World Without Barriers

A touching ad campaign from Samsung as they introduce and promote their video call centre for customers with hearing impairments. Clever, heart-warming and very relevant to any business trying to communicate effectively with current and potential customers, stakeholders and partners

Are you talking the same language as your target audience or are you creating barriers to effective communication? Are you willing to invest time in really understanding the challenges people face with your product or service? Are you willing to review and adapt, or is your marketing and communications plan set in stone? Are you listening and identifying the needs of your customer, staff, partners or stakeholders or just sharing the same old content, in the same format, again and again?

Well done to Samsung for trying to break down barriers and provide a valuable service to the HoH and deaf community. And thanks to @terpgirl69 for sharing this.

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